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Debra Poneman
Founder and President
Yes to Success Seminars
As a mom of young ones, I always looked for stories that offered profound truths beyond just sharing your toys…. Truths like trusting your heart’s own wisdom and believing in yourself.

I’ve finally found what I’d been searching for in “The Bear Essentials” and other books by the brilliant and heart-felt Hal Price – just in time for the grandchildren! “The Bear Essentials” honors the fact that children are capable of understanding these deeper concepts which are shared in the context of the heart-warming and captivating story of a daddy bear and his cub.

Every parent, grandparent, godparent, guardian parent, auntie, uncle and beyond needs to grab “The Bear Essentials”…you just might learn something that will change your life as well!

Thank you Hal!!

Ursula Nieuwoudt
International Best-selling Author of “Practical Conversations About Fitting In”
This book deserves 10 stars, reading for young AND old!

I wish this book was mandatory reading in every school right across the world. Imagine all the broken children, from broken homes, feeling abandoned and useless, reading this bright, hopeful, inspiring book with its stunning and impactful illustrations early in their lives. They could look forward to a life filled with significance, meaning, and substance, knowing they have all they need already within them. Imagine all those children living life full out, going at it with gusto and joy, knowing it’s all okay, they are okay. The illustrations beautifully underpin and reinforce the heartening and uplifting “Secret Code of Life”. In a world where so many dads no longer live with their beloved children or have to work away from home, this book is the very best gift and warm, comforting ‘teddy’ to leave a child with. But I sincerely feel we all need to read this book, to remember a more positive way to approach our existences.

Sue Guiher
Best-selling Author of “STOP SPINNING PLATES:
How to Lose Your Balance and Become a Thriving Mother”
These are the Rules for Life
September 8, 2019

“This is a simple book with a HUGE message of living by your heart. The pictures are well-done and the storyline is easy to read while delivering a profound message.

Recommend this for every parent (double for any parents who have to travel as part of their jobs.)

Wish I had this book to read to my children when they were younger and I needed to travel. Would have made the departure much easier.”

Michelle Everingham
Life Coach, Mentor, and International Best-selling Author
A very specal story.

Hal’s new book is just wonderful. It provides a vehicle for fathers and parents to create a special connection with their children, particularly as a bedtime story. The book revolves around Eli Benjamin Bear doesn’t want his dad to leave town. His father shares a “special” letter with him, which he called the “Bear Essentials”, given to him by his own father when he was about the same age. Through this letter Eli’s father is able to share the values of family relationships, love and trust with Eli. These words of love and empowerment are designed to foster children’s faith and trust in themselves. I’ll be reading this to my son and suggest you read this to your children.

Ruth Littler
Best-selling Author, Trainer, Counselor, and Coach
Every child should know these bare essentials.

This story is perfect for dad and child to build a bond forever. The illustrations are fantastic that I felt empathy for dad when his child was angry with him. The author conveys the preciousness and closeness that a child feels when they can hear their parent’s heartbeat. I loved the book.

Bernadette Dimitrov
Australian Author, Inspirational speaker, Trainer, and Workshop Leader
Best kids story book… uplifting, releases kids fears, builds, love and parent child connection.

I cannot speak more highly about this awesome kids bedtime story. It will warm adults and kids hearts and grow a deeper confidence, resilience and love within the child and the bond between child and adult. It will also show dads and mums too how to build and strengthen love between them. What this papa bear did is the best thing any parent can do. I was taught to write a similar letter between adults when studying positive psychology because of the enormous benefits for the receiver and the one writing it. But to start with your kids at a young age will help eliminate their fears and build their emotional connections and intelligence of the heart. Wow bravo to this ingenious author. Oh and I loved the rhyming verses and the utterly divine colourful positive images. A brilliantly concept and fun story book.

Debbie Dachinger
Best-selling Author of “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts:
A Secret Guide to Making Your Dreams A Reality”
Important and Timely Book. Highly Recommended Read!

“This wonderful read teaches children the importance of family relationships especially with their fathers.

Author Hal Price’s latest book is a new edition to the Eli Benjamin Bear series, which helps children understand the importance of family values and relationships.”

Susan Schmidt
Best-selling Author and Research Consultant
in Complementary Medicine
Important Book for Fathers & Sons

“I loved this book! From the illustrations to the message in poetic form, it is a must read to your children. Hal Price addresses a fear of all children when a parent leaves home.

I especially liked that he aimed it towards the father and son relationship as the father is usually the power figure in the home.

However, the best part was his emphasis on the “heart connection” which he establishes with his son, empowering his son to listen to his heart for the answers to his questions, doubts and fears. Beautiful message, beautiful book!”

Veronica Primus MS
Literary Coach
H.B. Rhame Elementary
We have been honored and excited with Hal bringing Eli Benjamin Bear and His Children’s Bedtime Story Book, A Heart’s Journey Home to our students at H. B. Rhame, Jr. Elementary. He delivered one of the most engaging, interactive read-aloud sessions I have had the pleasure of witnessing from a professional author. He patiently answered all questions and related to the children so well, they didn’t want him to leave. This was a perfect opportunity to promote authentic reading and writing.
Norma Casas
Grandmother, Teacher, Author, Student of Life & Love
Atlanta, GA
Dear special child… Children and adults as well are lifted and empowered by Eli’s journey rediscovering his Heroic Heart. Reading Eli’s story to my granddaughters brought tears to my eyes as I witnessed life unfolding into a powerful message of love, hope, family values, and courage. Hal has a precious gift. This series positions him as a master storyteller, passing on heart-centered life lessons to present and future generations. Magic is everywhere. Eli’s journey brings words to a new level of enchantment where the sacred is told in simple, rhythmical language. Eli’s journey is for everyone. If you are an adult, he will become your guide helping you reconnect with what truly matters. He will hold your hand in your own personal path to rediscover your Heroic Heart.

As a mother and educator, I recommend Eli’s journey to be in every house and school. Children will be nurtured and encouraged to listen to their hearts and create the world we all dream of. Brilliant and one of a kind!

Maggie Levine
Norfolk, VA

One of my joys in attending the local Carpinteria Writers Group each week is listening to Hal read us excerpts from his upcoming book. His stories are filled with engaging and profound lessons of the heart.
He sprinkles in “laugh out loud” humorous situations mixed with deep wisdom and memorable words to live by.
His poetic rhythm is soothing yet powerful. His rhyming patterns make the thoughts expressed “sink into your Soul”.

I was honored to receive a copy of his original manuscript two weeks ago and devour each beautiful page. Eli Bear’ Heroic Heart Series Book One is a must read for parents, grandparents, children, and “the kid in all of us”. Eli Bear can change the world!

Sue Busen
Practitioner, Speaker, and Best-Selling International Author
Chicago, IL
Hal Price’s work is masterful. He has a gift to reach right in and touch your heart. The Eli Bear Series is not just for children. It takes the most important virtues and weaves them into the stories in a magical way. I highly recommend them to everyone…the young and the young at heart. It is refreshing to read these stories and know that many parents will be connecting with their children through Eli Bear in a deeper, more meaningful way.
Ginny Conway
Carpinteria, CA
My kids and grandkids have left and I have finally had a chance to spend a little time with Eli and his family. I’m only through Chapter 14 of your masterpiece and I am already looking for that next quiet opportunity to dive back in. Oh my goodness, Hal, the invaluable lessons that you have seamlessly woven into this heart opening tale are straight from Heaven Itself. I think “Dad’s Family Code” should be read at the start of every day. Thank you for sharing with me this preview of this great work of Love. It was a hit, especially with our 10-year-old. She was mesmerized! You’ll be glad to know that she proclaimed that your book WILL BE in her school library! Your future looks bright Hal because to quote one of my favorite authors, “Remember every word and thought creates the world you see.”

I wish I had had an opportunity to read the story to the seven year old in a separate reading and with more time. I would like to have given him more time with visuals and discussions to bring it to life. He did enjoy it but his sister’s enthusiasm and level of understanding was hard to match. I promised them more stories next time. You are a blessing to the lives you touch, Hal.

Michael Bayouth
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Writer, Author
Carpinteria, CA
I am so honored to be working with such an important author and his story of Eli Bear. The world needs Hal’s words of love and compassion. Well done Hal Price!
You should write the screenplay for Eli. How cool would that be?

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