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A Picture Book about Pediatric Heart Conditions, Courage and Love

See the review. There are so many lovely picture books available these days that help young readers understand empathy and the courageous struggles that go along with being someone who is “different.” A Heart’s Journey Home: The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear, however, is the first picture book I’ve read about pediatric heart conditions that helps kids understand the bravery and long journey that youngsters who are born prematurely, and with heart conditions, must face. This delightful book may, or may not have, made my eyes leak a little. It’s a story of courage that I promise will resonate with all children (and grown-ups too!). – Valarie Budayr, Creator of “Jump into a Book” program

Welcome in the Fall with a good book: A Heart’s Journey Home

See the review. Usually I don’t cry at books I share with my girls, but I found myself tearing up at parts of this book, partly knowing the back story…about how the author shared this story with him mom who was declining with her health, but also because it truly was a sweet story. I also found myself wanting to read this all in one night, as I was eager to see how the story turned out. My girls were the same way. They kept telling me to go on as the chapters for only a few pages each. But, I wanted to truly enjoy this special reading time with them, and made a point to only do 5-7 chapters a night. It took a few days to read through this book, and by the end, we found ourselves wanting to read it again. It was that good! Don’t worry I will not spoil the ending. But, I will say that I have been raving about this book since we finished it, to family and friends. And, the girls have already read it a couple times on their own. Just last night we started this book again, and can’t wait for tomorrow night to come so that we can continue the story. This is going to be one of those books we will cherish for years to come. – Robin McCoy of “Inspired by Savannah” Blog

Kirkus Review

See the full review. In this children’s tale in verse, a young bear has a heart operation and must find his way home to hibernate before winter sets in…A book that introduces kids to inner-wisdom concepts in an unusual, entertaining, and warmhearted manner. — Kirkus Reviews

Thoroughly charming story for children of all ages

See the review. This story about a very special bear is the perfect tale to create your own family’s tradition of bedtime story telling. Each chapter of Eli’s adventure is told in charming rhyme and covers an array of life lessons that children can learn and apply to their own journey. Each of the 58 chapters serves as its own story, or the book can be enjoyed in its entirety. We predict that the courageous and kind Eli Benjamin Bear will become an icon in the category of children’s literature. 5 Stars!– Dee Long, Top Contributor

I’m a fan of all this author’s books — must reads

See the review. Author Hal Price, brings back family time with the new bedtime story of Eli Benjamin Bear and friends. Highly recommended read! 5 Stars!– Debbi Dachinger

Every child & adult will love this book!

See the review. I just finished the book, and I can’t wait to read it to my grandkids. They are going to love the rhyming along with a well-told story about Eli Bear facing a difficult hospital stay. I enjoyed the adventure from the very first chapter. Each section can serve as it’s own little bedtime story. If your child is facing any type of surgery, this book will help them face their fears with heartfelt comfort and love. I also love the illustrations! You picked a great day to release the book too, National Teddy Bear Day and National Grandparents Day. Every child & adult will love this book! Buy it today! 5 Stars!–Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler, Author

Charming children’s book that adults will love as well!

See the review. I’d give it six stars if I could! The tradition of bedtime stories for our children is being overtaken by our addiction to electronics. This wonderful book is a perfect way to bring back that lost art. Eli Benjamin is a special bear on a challenging medical adventure. This book packs powerful meaning and a brilliant storyline. Don’t miss it! 5 Stars!– Mazie Martin

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