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A Heart-Warming Tale of a Young Bear Learning the Magic of a Father’s Love

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The story of Eli Benjamin Bear and his new Heroic Heart, a wonderful adventure about a baby bear born with a heart condition which sends him to a faraway hospital without his mom. A story of courage that will resonate with all children.

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“Rascal” Roy Raccoon videos also available.

By Hal Price

A Heart’s Journey Home

Children’s Book For Grades K to 6

An inspiring children’s teddy bear book for kids, teachers and families.

The little bear with the big heart is now the little book with the bigger heart.

Eli Benjamin Bear was born pre-maturely and had a heart challenge that could only be fixed in a Human Hospital for Kids. When Eli gets sent far away from his parents, he finds himself smack-dab in the middle of serious adventures. With love and new friends, he discovers the secrets of a Heroic Heart. With his mother’s loving and secretly coded lullaby in his heart, his father’s “Bear Essentials Code” to live by, and a caring nurse’s lessons, Eli begins to repair his heart from the outside in and then from the inside out.

But Eli’s story becomes a race against time when he must beat a pending blizzard to find his way home before hibernation puts him into a long winter’s sleep. He shares his heart along the way, saving a rascally raccoon and a honey bee in need. And then only with their help in turn can he succeed in his quest.

Meet the lovable characters that share Eli Benjamin Bear’s adventures!

Eli Benjamin Bear

Name: Elijah Benjamin Bear
Hometown: Bear Ridge, TN
Goes By: Eli Bear
Nickname: Eli “Bear Behind”

Ruth LeOla Bear

Name: Ruth LeOla Bear
Hometown: Osiyo, TN (Means “Hello Mother/Teacher” in Cherokee)
Goes By: Mom
Favorite Pastimes: Singing, Telling Stories, Working in her Garden

Harold J. Bear

Name: Harold J. Bear
Hometown: Mill Town
Goes By: Dad
Nickname: “Pete”
Favorite Food: Honey Beary Jam

"Rascal" Roy Racoon

Name: Roy Raccoon
Hometown: Crow Caw, TN
Goes By: “Rascal Roy”
Favorite Food: Honey Beary Jam

Ms. Flops-A-Lot

Name: Betty Lou Rabbit
Hometown: Bunyon Holler, TN
Goes By: Floppsy
Nickname: “Ms. Flopps-A-Lot”
Favorite Food: Plastic Carrots


Name: Buzz D. Hive
Hometown: Honeywell, TN
Goes By: Buzz
Favorite Food: Honey


Name: William Beauregard Jones III
Hometown: Bunyon Holler, LA
Goes By: Billie
Nickname: “Red Square”
Favorite Snack: Licorice Jelly Beans

Nurse Dora

Name: Dora Isendorff, R.N.
Hometown: Whispered Promise, TN
Goes By: Nurse Dora

Morris T. Gloom

Name: Morris T. Gloom
Hometown: Skedaddle, TN
Goes By: Security Officer Gloom
Nickname: “Gloomy Guy”
Favorite Color: Really Dark Black

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