Profound Truths Beyond Just Sharing Your Toys

As a mom of young ones, I always looked for stories that offered profound truths beyond just sharing your toys…. Truths like trusting your heart’s own wisdom and believing in yourself.

I’ve finally found what I’d been searching for in “The Bear Essentials” and other books by the brilliant and heart-felt Hal Price – just in time for the grandchildren! “The Bear Essentials” honors the fact that children are capable of understanding these deeper concepts which are shared in the context of the heart-warming and captivating story of a daddy bear and his cub.

Every parent, grandparent, godparent, guardian parent, auntie, uncle and beyond needs to grab “The Bear Essentials”…you just might learn something that will change your life as well!

Thank you Hal!!

Debra Poneman, Founder and President, Yes to Success Seminars

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