Name: Ruth LeOla Bear
Born: June 18, 1929
Hometown: Osiyo, TN (Means “Hello Mother/Teacher” in Cherokee)
Goes By: Mom
Favorite Pastimes: Singing, Telling Stories, Working in her Garden

Ruth LeOla Bear

Ruth is every young child’s dream for a mother. She is caring, funny, loves children’s books and is the best rhymer and “boo-boo fixer” in the world. Her parents were struggling foragers until one day her dad was inspired to make “Honey-Beary Jam” quite by accident. This tasty new treat became a local sensation and Ruth’s family ran a country store in Bear Ridge, TN and did quite well for themselves.

One day, as Ruth sitting alone and singing a song on the banks of Turtle Creek near Copper Springs, a young Grizzly Bear named, Pete, was drawn to her. After a few dates, they both fell in love and got married in Copper Springs. After their honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, TN, Ruth convinced her father to let her new husband become a salesman to help bring Honey-Beary Jam to people and bears outside of Tennessee. They lived a happy and simple life until…..Eli came!