Name: Elijah Benjamin Bear
Born: November 11, 1955
Hometown: Bear Ridge, TN
Goes By: Eli Bear
Nickname: Eli “Bear Behind”

Eli Bear

Eli made a surprising entry into the world several months before his parents expected him. He came suddenly one brisk fall morn while his father was far away on a month-long sales trip. Because he was born prematurely, his mother had to be rushed to Bear Memorial Hospital to inspect his weakened heart.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the bear doctors discovered that he had a condition that they could not fix and had Eli whisked away over 300 miles to the human specialist care center called, Heroic Heart Hospital.

Before he leaves his mother’s side, she sings to him an inspirational lullaby that she places in his heart to help him remember that he is loved; to begin to understand power of his young heart, and how to follow its wisdom to find his way where his heart will always guide him throughout his life.

Eli’s mission is to heal his heart from the inside out and make it back to his home before the winter snows put him to sleep for another 3 long months.