Bonus Eli Bear



The Eli Benjamin Bear Plush Is Crushing It! Limited Edition Bears, only 1,500 will be sold.

All Bears come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity as well as a uniquely numbered OWNER CARD .

The Bonus Eli Bear will have a special ACCESS CARD that comes inside the opening of Eli’s Heart to provide:

1. Private access to our ”Special Edition Audiobook” of me personally reading all 58 chapters of our International Bestselling Book, “A Heart’s Journey Home” plus bonus interviews. This audiobook can be downloaded from our private website and is 3 hours and 17 minutes of reading. (It is basically one chapter story per night for 15 minutes for 58 nights).

2. A link to our ”Never Released” full- color Flip Book of my original 102 page version of Eli‘s story done in blended illustration and photography in nature.

3. Several unique little short talking video stories of Eli Benjamin Bear, Rascal Roy the Raccoon and their friend Miss Flops-A-Lot the long-eared bunny in funny situations.

All 1,500 bears will arrive in California from the orient in early August.
Upon arrival, we will immediately begin shipping each Bear in the order that we receive your pre-order and dated payment for your ELI.

It has been such a joy creating this little character and bringing him to life both in the books and now in our plush toy image. He is sure to be a hit with the kids and a wonderful bedtime reading partner for the entire family.

We are also excited to continue to donate a portion of the sale of each ELI BEAR to support Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.