Basic Eli Bear


Eli can wish your child a happy birthday, congratulate your child for an accomplishment, wish your child a speedy recovery from illness, or you can share a video of Eli inviting your child’s friends to a party! "Rascal" Roy Raccoon videos also available.

The Eli Benjamin Bear Plush Is Crushing It! Limited Edition Bears, only 1,500 will be sold.

All Bears come with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity as well as a uniquely numbered OWNER CARD .

All 1,500 bears will arrive in California from the orient in early August.
Upon arrival, we will immediately begin shipping each Bear in the order that we receive your pre-order and dated payment for your ELI.

It has been such a joy creating this little character and bringing him to life both in the books and now in our plush toy image. He is sure to be a hit with the kids and a wonderful bedtime reading partner for the entire family.

We are also excited to continue to donate a portion of the sale of each ELI BEAR to support Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.