My Heart's Questions

Ask Your Heart These Questions

Did I feel Special Today?


Why not?

What makes my Heart Smile the biggest?

Did somebody give me a hug today?

Who was it and how did it make me feel?

What can I do tomorrow that will help someone I care about?

Did you know you can be your own best friend?

What do I love about myself?

What makes me special?

What talent do I have that I love doing and sharing?

Eli Bear looks in his mirror every new day and

Says, “I LOVE YOU!” and then gives himself a


Could you do that?

When was the saddest your Heart ever felt?

Did you tell anybody about it?


What did they tell you?

Did that make you feel better?

Eli Benjamin Bear Believes in YOU!

Can you say to yourself “I BELIEVE IN ME”

every day in your special mirror?