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Heroic Hearts Media Vision Statement

Heroic Hearts Media will inspire parents, teachers and other adults to educate the hearts of children to demonstrate compassion, love, justice, forgiveness, empathy and peace. Educating the heart will enrich and expand the education of the mind contributing to a more peaceful and tolerant world.

Educational Discounts

Hardcover A Heart’s Journey Home $15.00
Softcover A Heart’s Journey Home $10.00
Hardcover The Bear Essentials $12.00
Softcover The Bear Essentials $8.00
Plush Eli Bear $15.00
Hal Price Appearance (2 to 4 Hours Per Day) @ $1,500.00 per Day
Residency Program (Minimum of 3 Days @ $1,000.00 per Day

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Why Teddy Bears?

60 years in the making: read about Hal and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.